Residential Installations

LDA is aware that everybody and every home is different. ActronAir have developed a wide range of home air conditioners that can be tailored to every lifestyle – from those looking for single room comfort to entire home solutions.
Please have a look at the options below to see which of our residential air conditioners is right for your requirements. If you are unsure and would like to discuss options please call 07 3279 1499 or email

Single Room

  • Sleek and stylish.
  • Enormous flexibility – keeping you cool and fresh through summer and warm and cosy in winter.
  • Serene is perfect for apartments, living areas and single rooms.
  • High performance DC inverter technology.
  • Superior operating range.
  • WIFI Control available

Find out more about Serene

Multi Room

  • Allows for up to five individual air conditioning heads to be installed throughout your home using just one outdoor unit.

Find out more about MultiElite

Whole of Home

If you are looking to air condition your entire home ducted air conditioning is a great solution. To ensure you find the right solution there are a number of factors to consider:

  • What are the environmental conditions in your area?
  • Do you want the entire house maintained at the same temperature or would you prefer individual zones?
  • What is more important to you: upfront price or energy efficient performance with ongoing savings?

No matter what your requirements are, our range of smart, reliable and energy efficient ducted air conditioners means we have the solution to suit any lifestyle.