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LDA maintains its business with its existing clientelle because of two important reasons:

  • Dedicated customer service
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee

These are the reasons why our company continues to have such long standing relationships with some of Brisbane’s finest quality home builders.

Our Platinum Dealer status with Actron Air is something we don’t take lightly either. Installing Award winning Actron Air products is the system of choice for Lake District Air. This is because of the consistent high quality performance of their systems and higher energy savings and lower running costs than their competition.

For additional details, product brochures and informative videos please visit Actron Air.

Lake District Air was formed in the Greater Springfield Area. We are proud to have a project portfolio of many designer built homes in this area.

So whether your purchasing a New system through the construction of a new home or adding a system to an existing home we can assist with an accurate accredited design and competitive price.

LDA can also provide Break-down Service, Preventative Maintenance & Repair of your existing system.

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Air Conditioning Facts & Tips

Setting the ideal temperature

This is obviously a personal preference but ideally between 22-24 degrees in summer and 23-26 degrees in winter.

There is always a strong desire to be extremely cool in Summer and toasty warm in winter. This is when air conditioners are subjected to their heaviest loads and you are subjected to your heaviest electricity bills. For each degree you select outside of these suggested temperatures you will consume 8% more energy, good for you if you can afford this.

Assisting the overall performance of your a/c unit

Close curtains or blinds and shut doors to areas of the home which are not being cooled (in ducted systems turn off zones which are not required) will maximise the output of your system and cool the required area much quicker.

Machines with adjustable air vanes

Adjust the vanes (some better quality machines have electronic adjustment from the remote controller) to the up position in Summer and down position in winter. This will provide more efficient air circulation as cooler air falls and warm air rises.

Choosing an efficient a/c system

Spend some time visiting the Australian Government website on Air conditioner efficiency.

On a very hot Humid Day

If you are spending a long time indoors make sure you start the a/c system well before the temperature peaks to give it time to cool the area and maintain a constant temperature, see also comment above relating to Assisting the overall performance of your unit.

Heat sources close to your A/c thermostat

Flat screen televisions and some table lamps will emit large amounts of heat so make sure your thermostat for the a/c unit is positioned away from these or other heat emitting appliances. This can cause inaccurate sensing by the a/c and lead to over cooling the home which costs you money.

Servicing your a/c unit

All a/c units should be maintained at least on an annual basis. Inefficient units cost more to run and are more susceptible to longer-term damage. Your responsibility (or in the case of rental properties your tenants responsibility) is to maintain regular cleaning of the system filter to avoid dust build-up.

Winter time is the ideal time to have your unit serviced so that it is in good working condition for the summer months. Murphy’s Law suggest that your unit will fail in the height of Summer when a/c companies are traditionally at their busiest so book your unit in early to avoid a sweltering Summer.

Accredited Installers or Service Companies

For details on licensed approved A/c companies visit the Artick website and simply type your postcode for a list of licensed, accredited a/c businesses.

Also make sure that the company has sufficient insurance and a current BSA license with no outstanding issues available on the Building Services Authority website.

Compliant Air Conditioners

Make sure you research your brand of air conditioner before you purchase. Things to check are energy efficiency ratings, supply & availability of spare parts and warranty conditions.

In the last 5 years there have been an influx of cheap a/c units into Australia from overseas manufacturers which do not comply with the ever-changing energy efficient standards being set by the various Australian States. It is becoming more common for a/c companies to witness machines less than 5 years old (standard warranty on most reputable units) which are deemed irrepairable due to parts no longer being manufactured or imported. If the brand suggests that they have been very good at making kettles, toasters and other white-goods then maybe (in my humble opinion) you are considering the wrong brand and are asking the wrong person.

LDAIR are your trusted Air Conditioning experts

We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all of our customers. Our dedicated customer service make us among the best in Brisbane.



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